Monday, August 6, 2007

tough rinds?

has anyone else made lime marmalade and had the rinds turn out a little tough? mine were, but as the marmalade gets older they are softening. i have a theory that its something to do with the sugar - maybe the lime mix was a bit hot when i dissolved the sugar and it partially candied the peels? any ideas?
happy preserving!
here is the recipe i followed for Awesome Lime Marmalade

Sunday, August 5, 2007

lime marmalade

and some photos of my lime marmalade!
tastes so good i ate it with a spoon after. im so proud of my efforts!


a photo of my piccalilly! looks tasty huh
just needs some nice ham...
Piccalilly recipe

Foodie Blogroll

Hi everyone!
i just joined the foodie blogroll. its easy to join and the more members the merrier! so if you have a foodie blog why not?
happy pickling!