Monday, August 6, 2007

tough rinds?

has anyone else made lime marmalade and had the rinds turn out a little tough? mine were, but as the marmalade gets older they are softening. i have a theory that its something to do with the sugar - maybe the lime mix was a bit hot when i dissolved the sugar and it partially candied the peels? any ideas?
happy preserving!
here is the recipe i followed for Awesome Lime Marmalade


  1. Do you either soak the rinds or boil them before starting to make the marmalade? From what I've read you need to have the rinds as soft as you like them as they won't soften any more after you add the sugar.

  2. hi! i both soaked the rinds overnight and boiled them without sugar. they were so soft that you could break them apart with a wooden spoon and very little pressure...
    then they still turned out a little hard

  3. Boil the rinds with sugar. Do a ratio like 1:1 sugar water or even 2:1 (2 being sugar). Boil it up and leave the rinds overnight in there. What happens is, that you slowly candy the lime peels. This will help them stay soft - unless you dry them afterwards to get candied lime peel. This will also preserve the jam better, since there is no free-water inside anymore.